VEGAN-KETO Review | Does it Really Work?

It’s definitely a unique take on the standard Keto diet, which so heavily relies on meat products in order to maintain the high-fat and moderate-protein intake required to stay healthy on such a low-carb diet.
vegan keto book

The VEGAN-KETO Cookbook promises to deliver 60+ recipes that are gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, egg-free, low carb, and 100% vegan-friendly for Keto. Along with a couple dozen other ‘basic’ recipes organized by type (coconut-free, nut-free, peanut-free, soy-free, etc.)

But the main question is… does it really work? And, is it even worth trying? Find out more in this VEGAN-KETO Review.


  • Vegan Low-Carb Recipes for Keto
  • Clean Keto Diet Plan
  •  4-Week VEGAN-KETO Meal Plan
  • w/ shopping guides for extra convenience
  • 50+ pages of how-to VEGAN-KETO


If you’re really set on a 100% Vegan diet while on Keto, then this book should be of some use to you.

It’s definitely not the easiest to follow Keto diet program, but the author presents the information as well as she can. And, there’s no denying that the recipes do follow the standard macro breakdown required to kickstart the fat-burning state of ketosis. 

This means that, ultimately, VEGAN-KETO can work.

But, How Does VEGAN-KETO Work?

The VEGAN-KETO diet works because the recipes are low in carb and high in fat (with a good helping of protein mixed in as well, of course.) This is enough to activate ketosis, which should jumpstart your weight loss no matter what you’re eating.

It also closely resembles the clean-keto approach taken by other keto plans in the market (as an example, Squeaky Clean Keto) in the way that it promotes the use of high-quality ingredients that are minimally processed, sustainable, and nutrient-dense in order to optimize health, boost weight loss results, and eliminate some of the cravings associated with inflammatory foods.

In that sense, VEGAN-KETO aims to provide your body with the nutrients that it needs to stay healthy, whilst still pushing you into a state that will help you burn fat.

How Much Does VEGAN-KETO Cost?

Kindle: $9.99 | Paperback: $19.99 | Spiralbound: $15.99

The list price for the VEGAN-KETO cookbook is priced reasonably — exactly at the market’s average. What’s notable is the fact that the spiralbound version is cheaper than the paperback version (these two are usually priced the opposite.)


As mentioned, VEGAN-KETO can in fact be of some use to you if you’re adamant about sticking to a strict Vegan diet while on Keto. And, as such, it is worth it in that regard.

In the end, the compilation of vegan low-carb recipes, the beginner-friendly VEGAN-KETO guide, and the structured 4-week VEGAN-KETO plan included in the book does pay for itself — as it would be pretty time-consuming to gather up similar information — even on the net.

For the price VEGAN-KETO goes for (especially when it is discounted), it would be worth snagging, even if it was just to add to your collection of vegan low-carb recipes.

In What Way Does VEGAN-KETO Not Work?

The big issue with VEGAN-KETO is the fact that it is… vegan keto.

Both the vegan diet and the keto diet, on their own, severely limit the nutritional profile of the types of food that you can eat. Putting both together makes that nutritional profile even more limited. So much that, if done incorrectly, you can potentially damage your body.

The VEGAN-KETO cookbook does address these concerns by putting out nutrient-dense recipes to counteract the potentially damaging effects of such a strict diet. However, that doesn’t change the fact that combining keto and the vegan diet is incredibly difficult and potentially dangerous.

One would also have to consider the type of specialty ingredients that makes a diet like this work — which is VEGAN-KETO’s second-greatest issue. Unfortunately, these specialty ingredients are incredibly difficult to find and are also expensive to boot.

So, unless you have easy access to specialty grocery stores, as well as a big-budget (which is always required when you follow clean-keto recipe books like this.) VEGAN-KETO won’t work for you at all.

VEGAN-KETO Review: The Bottom Line

VEGAN-KETO is a refreshing take on the standard keto diet. And, for those who want to remain vegan and are interested in Keto, it’s a definite boon.

However, in saying that, we would like you to practice some restraint if you are not 100% devoted to that goal. It’s an incredibly difficult diet, and unless you have the means to see-it-through, it would be best for you to stick to just one or the other, as doing both can cause irreparable damage to your diet and your health.