Squeaky Clean Keto Review | Is it WORTH Trying?

Squeaky Clean Keto is a clean Keto diet program that introduces high-quality keto-friendly recipes that require ingredients that are minimally processed, packed with nutrients, and produced in a way that is sustainable.

For this diet to work, you’re to put aside convenience and issues with expense in favor of purchasing and using the best ingredients possible in an effort to “…eliminate common allergens and inflammation triggers” that may be keeping you from losing weight sooner.

Will ‘clean’ Keto actually make you lose weight faster? And, how does it really compare to other keto diet programs in the market? Find out in the rest of our Squeaky Clean Keto Review!

What is Squeaky Clean Keto?

  • “Clean” Keto diet program
  • 30-meal prep plan
  • 130 keto-friendly recipes
  • w/ specialty ingredients shopping lists

Does Squeaky Clean Keto Work?

The ‘clean’ Keto used in Squeaky Clean Keto does still follow the standards of regular Keto (low-carb, high-fat, and moderate-protein.) The only difference is that, rather than working with your average, every-day ingredients, Clean Keto wants you to prioritize the quality of the ingredients that you use in your meals in an effort to improve your health.

To put it simply, Squeaky Clean Keto does work. It’s still Keto, just with slightly higher standards.

But, How Does Squeaky Clean Keto Work?

Again, there’s not much of a difference between clean keto and dirty keto outside of the ingredients used. So, following the Squeaky Clean Keto diet plan shouldn’t be any different from any other keto program when it comes to things like macros or caloric deficit.

The main clincher is… in order for you to participate in the Squeaky Clean Keto program, you need to have the funds to buy better ingredients for their specialty recipes.

By doing so, you will be able to put the program’s main goal in effect — which is to encourage you to use ingredients that are ‘beyond-organic’, minimally processed, sustainable, and, ultimately, excellent in quality. All in the name of promoting better health to boost your weight loss results — which has been proven to be somewhat effective.

How Much Does Squeaky Clean Keto Cost?

Kindle: $9.99 | Paperback: $34.95

The Squeaky Clean Keto cookbook is actually a lot more expensive than most — especially it’s printed version.

Is Squeaky Clean Keto Worth It?

If you want to try the clean-keto recipes in the Squeaky Clean Keto cookbook, then yes, it’s worth buying. But, know that the value there is mostly for convenience’s sake.

It’s not like clean-keto recipes are so rare that you can’t find them readily online — there are dozens of keto-related websites that will provide you with similar recipes along with macro breakdowns to make it easier for you to plan your meals accordingly.

So… what you’re really buying here is the convenience of not having to look up recipes on your own, as well as the convenience of not having to plan your meal-prep on your own.

In What Way Does Squeaky Clean Keto Not Work?

You see a lot of other Keto cookbooks in the market that use the type of specialty ingredients that the Squeaky Clean Keto Cookbook wants you to purchase for their recipes. And, the complaints about those types of books are always the same.

Either the ingredients are too hard to find, or they’re too expensive.

If you’re relatively well-off, and in a position where you can easily buy high-quality ingredients locally or buy them express online, then this isn’t a problem for you. However, if you’re on a budget, or in a region where the ingredients used in this cookbook are unavailable, then this book would be pretty worthless to you, and probably incredibly unhelpful.

Squeaky Clean Keto Review: The Bottom Line

The Squeaky Clean Keto cookbook is a niche item. It was written for a very specific target audience and, if you’re part of that demographic, then you’re sure to find some use for it.

However, because of its isolating qualities, it’s not what we’d recommend for the average Keto dieter. And especially not so for beginners or those who want to try Keto without having to break the bank.

Squeaky Clean Keto ProsSqueaky Clean Keto Cons
Clean-Keto Cookbook30-Day Meal Prep PlanEasy-to-FollowExpensive Printed VersionRecipes use expensive and hard-to-find ingredients