Speed Keto Review | Everything You Need to Know!

Speed Keto™ is the self-acclaimed best way to do keto — designed for people who want to get results and fast. The package includes a complete keto guidebook, a quick start guide for beginners, a calendar, and a fool-proof meal plan packed with 100% keto-friendly recipes.
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Certainly, it’s one of the most complete keto books out there. But, what about it is so different from other alternatives in the market? Is it actually anything special, or is it just another generic keto guidebook filled with misleading information?

Find out everything you NEED to know in this Speed Keto Review!

What is Speed Keto™?

  • Step-by-Step Keto Guidebook
  • Beginner-friendly Quick Start Guide
  • Calendar w/ Foolproof Keto Meal Plan
  • 100% Keto-friendly Recipes
  • Helpful Keto Shopping Lists

Does Speed Keto™ Work?

Getting straight to the point — Speed Keto does work!

It introduces accurate information to teach you the ropes, whilst also lending you an extra helping hand with ready-made meal plans, shopping lists, and recipes. Which, ultimately, provides you an incredibly solid foundation to build off of after your first 30 days of keto.

It should also be said that Speed Keto is a part of a bigger line of keto-related programs and products (i.e. 5 Minute Speed Keto or Eating Speed Keto). All of which you can tap into for extra help, if necessary. A feature that not many other keto programs are able to provide.

But, How Does Speed Keto™ Work?

The best thing about the Speed Keto package is the fact that it comes with everything that you need in order to start the keto diet.

What’s more, rather than just a keto book, Speed Keto is a brand.

The Speed Keto Shop has everything that you can possibly need to do Keto — all of which have been set up in a way that works with the main keto guidebook, thus further simplifying the process for beginners. A couple of extra Speed Keto products that might interest you include:

  • Completely Keto Electrolytes Formula
  • Completely Keto MCT Oil Powder
  • Speed Keto VEGAN Edition
  • Speed Keto Vegetarian Edition
  • peed Keto on a Budget

And so on! The Speed Keto™ brand has been purposefully set up in order to make sure that you don’t have to guess at what works or not. 

Which is exactly what you would want in a keto diet book.

How Much Does Speed Keto™ Cost?

Digital: $39.00 | Paperback: $39.00

The Digital and the Paperback version of the Complete Speed Keto package is $39.00. This is definitely more expensive than your average keto guidebook

Is Speed Keto™ Worth It?

As mentioned, pricing wise, Speed Keto is considered as higher end.

However, there is definite value in what the package provides. For one thing, it’s quite difficult to find a reliable 100% keto-friendly source in the market — there are too many trap products crowding the industry that it’s almost impossible to decide which is worth trying.

For another, you really are getting the complete keto package with Speed Keto. The 30-day meal plan to help you start of right, the shopping lists to make sure that you don’t get lost along the way, the keto-friendly recipes for triggering ketosis… it’s all there!

You need not look further if you have Speed Keto to guide you.

In What Way Does Speed Keto™ Not Work?

Speed Keto stays true to its claims — unlike other keto books that like to promise more than what they are capable of providing. In that way, one would be hard-pressed to find anything about Speed Keto that doesn’t work.

In fact, the most common complaint about Speed Keto is that the 30-day plan works so well that they feel lost without it. A complaint that was completely addressed by the author of speed keto — who began working on, and published, Living with Speed Keto (which illustrates how one can move forward after their first 30 days of living with speed keto.)

Speed Keto™ Review: The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly keto diet book to teach and guide you on your first sortie with the keto diet, then Speed Keto is definitely one to consider!

It’s a little on the pricey side, but the value is there! And, as mentioned previously, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything lacking in the promised-complete-keto package.