Simply Keto by @KetoKarma | An In-Depth Review!

Simply keto book

Suzanne Ryan, also called @KetoKarma online, is a YouTube vlogger that has been following the Keto Diet since January 13th of 2015.

Recently, she released a Keto Program, called Simply Keto, which made quite a big splash in the Keto industry. After all, this was a book that was written by someone who actually experienced the weight-loss properties of Keto — resulting in over 100lbs of natural weight loss.

This Simply Keto Review will go in-depth on what you can expect from the Simply Keto program, as well as why you may — or may not — prefer it over others like it in the market.

What is Simply Keto?

  • Beginner-friendly book with lots of guided advice
  • Includes the personal story of a seasoned keto-dieter
  • 100 easy-to-follow Keto Recipes
  • w/ Grocery Shopping Tips and Keto FAQs
  • Structured 30-day Meal Prep Plan
  • w/ Restaurant Recommendations listed by type

Does Simply Keto Work?

The Simply Keto book encompasses @KetoKarma’s entire experience with the Keto Diet.

It includes the usual array, with Keto Recipes, a shopping list, a 30-day meal plan, and some unconventional additions like the restaurant recommendations and the personal story section (which is a very personal retelling of how Suzanne Ryan had lost over 100 lbs. while on Keto.)

Much like with most Keto programs, there is no doubt that Simply Keto does work.

But, How Does Simply Keto Work?

Simply Keto is meant to be used as a guide. The book has been sectioned into distinct parts to help you along as you go through your first few weeks of Keto. Like most Keto books, it’s not that Simply Keto itself is more or less efficient than others like it in the market.

A lot of the information in the book can be found elsewhere online, after all.

However, for those that would prefer not to go searching for that information themselves… Simply Keto has offered itself as a pretty good alternative.

How Much Does Simply Keto Cost?

Kindle: $9.99 | Paperback: $19.99 | Spiral-bound: $29.99

Pricing-wise, Simply Keto is just a little more expensive than your average Keto guidebook. Not by a lot, but the difference is notable, especially if you want a printed version of the book.

Is Simply Keto Worth It?

Without a doubt, Simply Ketos’ number one selling point has to be the fact that it was written by someone who has actually devoted quite a lot of their time into their own Keto Journey.

It’s not just a Keto plan, it’s an actual story — told by someone who experienced all of the ups and downs of Keto and somehow managed to stick through it successfully.

That, besides anything else, is what makes Simply Keto so unique. And, perhaps, what makes it more worthwhile to certain people. Although, it wouldn’t be farfetched to say that, just like with the recipes and meal plans it offers, you can get that personalized experience elsewhere too.

In fact, @KetoKarma has her own YouTube channel, as well as other social media pages, that focus on sharing that exact Keto story.

In What Way Does Simply Keto Not Work?

When it comes to Simply Keto, a lot of complaints are on its localized focus.

This was written by an American who lives in the United States (the West-Coast, specifically.) The restaurant recommendations, the grocery shopping lists, and even the ingredients used in the recipes are thus, designed for those living in that region of America.

Even more than that, the specialized ingredients used in a lot of the recipes (which are very complex), often need to be bought either from an expensive specialty store or ordered with express shipping online — which is well beyond the means of the average keto dieter.

Suffice to say, while Simply Keto may still work for you, this is not a guarantee as it was designed with @KetoKarma’s main audience in mind — which just so happen to be Americans living in the west coast that are, relatively, well-off.

Simply Keto Review: The Bottom Line

Simply Keto is a fun self-help Keto guidebook! If you’re looking for a normal Keto experience along with a little bit of extra inspirational help, then it’s certain to be a good book for you.

The only thing is, this probably won’t help you as much if you’re not interested in the Suzanne Ryan experience. As mentioned, a lot of the information in this book can easily be found elsewhere. And, in some cases, it might not even be of use to you at all — seeing as it was written for west coast Americans in mind.

Consider those facts carefully, as well as the pros and cons listed below, and make the decision for yourself! As this is something only you can really decide.