She Does Keto Review | PROS & CONS

She Does Keto is the hip-and-new Keto diet program that was put out by Gigi Ashworth in the midst of 2019. This cookbook is unique in that it caters only to women.
she does keto book

The author claims that her ketogenic recipes are designed to target a woman’s unique physiological and nutritional needs so that they can “…get the most out of the ketogenic diet and feel fit and fabulous.”

Find out whether or not Ms. Ashworth’s claims are founded as we proceed with our She Does Keto Review!

But, How Does She Does Keto Work?

Although She Does Keto may not be what you’re looking for, it does impart enough generic keto knowledge to get you started. And, the 21-day meal prep plan included goes a long way when it comes to making sure that you don’t get lost. Because of this…

If you were to consider it as just your average keto diet cookbook (rather than one strictly for women), it’s actually quite effective. In saying that, however, we should also mention that the same can be said for keto-information that you can find (on your own) on the internet.

How Much Does She Does Keto Cost?

Kindle: $8.99 | Paperback: $21.99 

She Does Keto is priced just a couple of dollars more than your average Keto Cookbook.

Is She Does Keto Worth It?

When you consider the price of She Does Keto (which is more than the standard), and the fact that its contents are pretty misleading, we would have to say that it is not worth it.

As mentioned earlier, you wouldn’t lose much if you decide to just go look for the information yourself online And, if you really don’t want to go searching for that information on your own, then it would still be cheaper to get another keto diet book.

After all, there are a lot of similar keto diet books out there. So, rather than settling for this one, you can find one priced similarly that maybe has more recipes or a 4-week meal plan (rather than the skimp 21-day plan here.)

In What Way Does She Does Keto Not Work?

The She Does Keto cookbook’s biggest problem is the fact that it is misleading.

It claims to be a Keto diet book made for women and advertises itself proudly as such, but that is far from the truth. It does contain keto information, and the meal plan is properly structured.

BUT, it is missing its promised keto-for-women attributes. This was meant to be a book for women who want to do keto without having to worry about the most common health issues women experience on keto (like PCOS and endometriosis), but that is not the case.

What’s more…it’s written so casually that it comes off rather reckless — like the fact that the book recommends that you fast randomly rather than properly explaining the concept of intermittent fasting, which is rather concerning, especially when it claims to be health-focused.

She Does Keto Review: The Bottom Line

She Does Keto is an okay keto beginners-book. If that’s all you’re looking for, then it should work for you just fine. As we said previously, however, it would be more worth your while to look for a cheaper and more informative alternative.

There’s plenty out there that you can try… and settling for this just because it promises to work better for women would be a waste of your money and time.