KETO-TARIAN Review | (Vegetarian Keto) Does it Really Work?

The KETO-TARIAN keto book introduces a new way to do keto — one that is significantly more plant-based than the traditional Keto diet.

Is such a high-fat and moderate-protein keto diet even possible on such a strict plant-centric limitation? More importantly, will it even be safe to attempt such nutritionally limited meals?

Find your answers in this quick KETO-TARIAN Review!


  • Written by Dr. Will Cole (Nutritionist)
  • Vegetarian-friendly Keto Diet
  • 75-KETO-TARIAN Recipes
  • Follows Clean-Keto Guidelines
  • foolproof 4-Week Meal Plan


Despite the KETO-TARIAN author’s promising background (Dr. Cole is a respected nutritionist), the book itself is rather sketchy when it comes to its claims.

The concept of mixing the Keto diet with another diet, in this case, the vegetarian diet, is not new. We’ve already reviewed a similar diet, called VEGAN-KETO that promised similar results. In our review of VEGAN-KETO, we mentioned how reckless it would be to pursue such a strict diet with so many nutritional deficiencies.

And, unfortunately, the same goes for KETO-TARIAN. It can work; however, it can also be potentially dangerous. Not only to your body but also your general health (more on this below.)

But, How Does KETO-TARIAN Work?

As mentioned, KETO-TARIAN can work, but it must be followed very strictly.

The KETO-TARIAN book does include measures that allow for it to work as it should. Like the fact that it enforces ‘clean keto’ standards. Which, at the very least, does help some when it comes to the nutritional deficiencies that such a limited diet can cause.

It also has a meal prep plan in order to ease your way – along with mostly vegetarian recipes that you can try out for yourself whenever you wish. And so, ultimately…

If you really want to try out the KETO-TARIAN diet, then the opportunity is there. You just need to make sure that you are well-funded and well-informed of the potential consequences — as it can be rather difficult to pursue.

How Much Does KETO-TARIAN Cost?

Kindle: $21.00 | Paperback: $21.00 | Audio-CD: $24.95

The list price for both the Kindle and Paperback version of the KETO-TARIAN is $21. That’s about average (although there are definitely cheaper alternatives out there.)


There are not many other Keto-Vegetarian hybrid diet books out there that have the same backing as the KETO-TARIAN book. For that reason alone, it is worth some extra interest.

However, it’s worth for you depends on how much effort you’re willing to put into the diet. And, whether you’re satisfied with a keto-vegetarian book that is only mostly vegetarian. If that is alright with you, then this book should serve as a good stepping point to get you started.

In What Way Does KETO-TARIAN Not Work?

There are a couple of key factors that you need to consider before you decide whether the KETO-TARIAN diet book is the one for you.

For one this is only mostly vegetarian. A significant number (at least a quarter — probably more) of the recipes in this book includes ingredients like seafood or eggs (both of which are decidedly not vegetarian-friendly.)

Furthermore, as we mentioned earlier, this will also require that you adhere to strict clean-keto standards. Clean Keto is a method of doing keto that requires incredibly high-quality ingredients — some of which are not only hard to find but rather expensive as well.

If, after taking these considerations, you still decide that you want to try out a keto-vegetarian hybrid diet, then, and only then, should you follow the KETO-TARIAN diet.

KETO-TARIAN Review: The Bottom Line

Being a vegetarian shouldn’t exempt you from trying out keto! And, the KETO-TARIAN diet book is there to prove that. BUT, as we’ve mentioned multiple times already, you should take care to make the proper preparations to follow the diet strictly.

After all, nutritionally limited diets like this are incredibly tricky to get right. And, recklessly pursuing it can pose a serious risk to how you live your daily life.