Keto after 50 | Is it SAFE & Does it Actually Work?

The Keto After 50 diet book presents itself as a weight loss and health-booster solution for those that are 50 years and older. It includes a how-to-keto guide and a complete 21-day meal prep plan for smoothing your first three weeks of Keto.
keto after 50 book

Keto After 50 is not so unique that it’s the only keto diet book of its design in the market. However, it does set itself apart from your average keto cookbook by targeting such a specific niche audience. More importantly, however…

Is Keto After 50 safe? And, will it actually do what it promises to do?

Find out more in the rest of this Keto After 50 Review!

What is Keto After 50?

  • How-to Keto Guide for People over 50
  • Complete & Convenient 21-Day Plan
  • Easy-to-Cook low-carb recipes
  • w/ Nutritional & Health Information

Does Keto After 50 Work?

Keto After 50 does work, but it is in no way special.

This keto diet book is about as effective as other books — with just a little bit of added cushion information for after-50-keto-dieting. It works because the information it shares is correct. Upon saying that, however, it doesn’t really live up to its aim to be the keto book for people over 50.

But, How Does Keto After 50 Work?

As mentioned, Keto After 50 works because it shares the correct information.

The how-to guide included does go over and expand upon the strict keto standards (low carb, high fat, and moderate protein.) And, the 21-day meal plan, along with the recipes and grocery shopping lists, should make it easier for you to get started.

The only things that truly don’t ‘work’ are its claims to be solely for the elderly (a subject which we’ll expound upon near the end of this Keto After 50 Review.)

How Much Does Keto After 50 Cost?

Kindle: $4.99 | Paperback: $12.99

The best thing about Keto After 50 is the price. It’s a lot cheaper than others like it in the market — perhaps because it’s a lot shorter than most.

Is Keto After 50 Worth It?

When you compare Keto After 50 to other similarly marketed keto diet books — like She Does Keto, for example, it does have some worth.

It’s cheap enough that you can buy it for the price of a regular coffee (the Kindle version, that is), and that definitely pays for the work the author put into compiling all that information for the sake of your convenience.

However, that’s about as far as its worth goes. So, if you prefer… you can save those 5 dollars, buy yourself a cup of joe, and spend a lazy afternoon researching and compiling that information on your own.

In What Way Does Keto After 50 Not Work?

As mentioned, Keto After 50 really only fails because it doesn’t really live up to its goal to be the keto diet book for those that are ages 50 and over.

It does present some information towards that end, but it’s incredibly minimal — the book is short to begin with, so only a couple of pages are spared for that purpose.

In that sense, it’s incredibly similar to books like She Does Keto (which claims to be a book that caters only to women and then, for some reason, presents only generic keto information.) It promises to be the solution, but it actually puts very little effort to be that solution you’re looking for.

That’s why, from the very beginning, we said that it would be just as effective as searching the information for yourself. At the very least, you would probably learn more from the internet — which is overflowing with articles and journals that are about this very subject.

Keto After 50 Review: The Bottom Line

Keto After 50 works fine for a regular keto diet book. But, we can’t really recommend it. After all, there are so many other keto books there that are much more informative.

It’s cheap enough that you can buy it with very little risk, but that money would probably be better served for a different type of book. Perhaps one that actually does what it promises to, rather than just what every other book is doing.